River's Edge, Texas
Population 439,343

Mayor Meredith Dobbins
The city at the edge of the river.
River's Edge sets along the Brazos
River and was founded in 1901 by the
McIntosh Indians. Over the course of
the last one hundred-ten years it
became a prominent town because of
its close proximity to Houston.
Brazos River & Lighthouse
The lighthouse is located on the edge
of the river at the end of town. Once a
functioning lighthouse that guided
barges and riverboats the lighthouse
no longer navigate. The light does
circulate at dusk each day as a
symbolic gesture. From atop the
lighthouse you can see over the river
and the skyline of the city.

The Brazos River called the Rio de los
Brazos de Dios by early Spanish
explorers is the 11th longest river in
the United States.
River's Edge Country Club
A club where the wealthy and elite
come to socialize or golf.

Southern River Hotel
The hotel was originally built in the late
1960s and quickly became a premiere
hotel in the greater southwestern
region. Known for multiple ballrooms,
lavish guest suites and world class
dining the hotel was destroyed in 1995
by a devastating fire. The hotel was
rebuilt three years later after an
unnamed donor contributed the funds.
King Fashion Design House
Originally established in Los Angeles
in the 1970s King Fashion established
an office in River's Edge in 2001 at
High Point Tower. In 2007, the
company moved the entire fashion
house to Texas and moved into new
offices, outside of town.

A boutique in the lobby of
The Bradshaw Building features
exclusive designs from King Fashion.
Ryan Bradshaw Interior Designs
The interior design offices of
Angela Bradshaw and Ryan O'Keefe
located in historical Greenwood district
of River's Edge.

Garrett-Davis Media
Owned by Natasha Garrett Bradshaw
and Sabrina Davis Bradshaw.
The building houses "The Weekly
Edge" newspaper offices,
KJRE-Channel 6 news studio and
Garrett-Logan Real Estate Firm offices.
Café Cuban Coffeehouse
Owned by Jodi & April Bradshaw as a
Bradshaw Corporation subsidiary the
coffeehouse is located a few blocks
from the Southern Texas University

Arnie's Bar
The bar is located in the historical
Greenwood District of River's Edge.
The bar is a local hangout for locals
and college students.
Philbrook Museum of Fine Arts
and Botanical Gardens
The museum opened in 1986 thanks
in part to donations from citizens of
River's Edge.

Opal Garrett chaired the committee
that developed the botanical gardens
four years later in 1990. The museum
plays host to a yearly fundraiser that
raises awareness of the arts.

The museum is anticipated to be the
location of Sabrina Davis Bradshaw's
The Bradshaw Building
The building houses
The Bradshaw Corporation and the
City Hall offices. The executive
boardroom is on the top floor of the

High Point Towers
The High Point Towers is located a
few blocks from the Bradshaw
Building. The top floor houses Circos
Cibi Italiani.
The Chalkboard
Located in the historical Greenwood
District. The Chalkboard is widely
know for its Sunday Brunch.

Circos Cibi Italiani Restaurant
Located at the top of High Point Tower,
the entire restaurant is surrounded by
glass and considered one of the
premiere restaurants in the city.
Southern Texas University
Southern Texas University offers a
wide range of Bachelor and Master
degrees for students ranging from
Business Administration to Broadcast
Journalism to Fashion Design. The
current President of the University is
Russell Banning Sr.

Historical Greenwood District
The Greenwood District was declared
a historical district in 2000. It sets two
blocks from Southern Texas University
and has local shopping and local
St. Mark's
This Catholic church was built in the
1930s and is located in midtown. The
church was the location of Phillip
Bradshaw's wedding to Pamela
Holland. It was also the setting of
Phillip's funeral and the funeral of his
grandson Jered in 2004.

St. John's Medical Center
River's Edge hospital where Dr.
Bradley Marshall was Chief of Staff
and Chief of Emergency Medicine.
Pamela currently serves on the Board
of Trustees.
Reva Bradshaw Memorial Park
The park dedicated to Phillip's late
mother is located across the street
from St. John's and sits in the
shadows of the downtown skyline.
Other Locations
Dallas, Texas
San Francisco, California
River's Edge Homes
April Bradshaw & Emily Bradshaw
3341 Reynolds Blvd.
River's Edge, Texas 74937

Travis & Pamela McCarty
1011 Mangrove Lane
River's Edge, Texas 74937
Natasha Garrett Bradshaw
1237 Masters Road
River's Edge, Texas 74937

Dr. Bradley Marshall
1519 Liberty Ave.
River's Edge, Texas 74937
Audrey King Pierce
9855 Adams Road
River's Edge, Texas 74937

Andrew & Sabrina Bradshaw
Brayden Davis
12100 Cedar Hill Lane
River's Edge, Texas 74937
Stonegates Lofts
Ryan O'Keefe, Apartment 5A
1001 Riverchase Street
River's Edge, Texas 74937

University Courtyards
Rhonda Duncan, Apartment #1060
Justin & Brandi Pierce
Apartment #3201
Dr. Joshua Marshall Unit #5515
1000 Oxford Place
River's Edge, Texas 74937
Jodi Bradshaw
4550 S. Jarvis
River's Edge, Texas 74937

Angela Bradshaw
8941 Golden Gables
River's Edge, Texas 74937
Ethan & Brittany Pierce
10418 S. Pebble Path Drive
River's Edge, Texas 74937

Gregory &  Megan Holloway
5830 First Lady Court
River's Edge, Texas 74937
The Clubs at Rhodes Ranch
Nicholas & Lewis Pierce
Apartment #2102
Dr. Monica Elm Apartment #1581
5000 Rhodes Ranch
River's Edge, Texas 74937

Kendra Logan-Bradshaw
1580 El Camino Del Mar
San Francisco, California 94123